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I build worlds,

mostly with words.

Holly Knowlman is an editor, writer and communications tactician from the UK. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada. 

Her career spans tech, culture and nonprofit - from media startups and software scaleups to art galleries and music festivals. She was marketing lead and Senior Writer at TWG, an independent Canadian software studio that builds product for innovative teams around the world, and the AGO’s first community manager. During her tenure the AGO was named Canada’s second most influential nonprofit on social media by Hill+Knowlton.

Knowlman moved to Canada in 2013, quickly becoming a recognized force for good in Toronto’s burgeoning tech community - first as a Startup Weekend facilitator and organizer, and then as Co-Director of the Google NEXT pre-accelerator and of LEANARTS. The latter, a groundbreaking collaboration with Opera.ca, taught artists Lean Startup fundamentals and received the Toronto Arts and Business Award in 2015.

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Her most recent entrepreneurial endeavor was a beautiful failure called Stupid Magazine - a print magazine about pop music. She was an early-stage advisor to media companies Betakit, #Paid & SmallRooms. Knowlman’s insights have been featured by outlets including BBC Worldwide, The Globe & Mail, Poynter and the CBC. She has spoken and curated panels at events including StartupFest, FITC, Fuckup Nights and NXNEi.

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Current areas of interest include: Universal Basic Income, web activism, global warming, mass communications, robojournalists, software ethics, media business models, public art. Available for bookings as a panel curator and moderator around these topics.

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